July 04, 2018


Everybody knows that jewelry is an adornment. Every woman has beauty; sometimes it is in her looks, sometimes it is her elegance and grace. It can be her strength, her courage, her love, her charm, her humor, her humility. It can be found in different parts of her body or her face. One thing is sure; it is always there just waiting to be discovered. Clothes say who you are, but jewels say who you are and what you want to be. The right jewel will accentuate all of these qualities, just finding or creating the fitting jewel is Oliva’s mission.

Oliva Fine Jewelry elegance - Large Chandelier gold and diamonds

The choice of the gemstone, the magical and spiritual properties of its color, the value of the metal, the design of its beauty all combine to make this choice.

Anne Ward et al., Rings Through The Ages, Rizzoli, NY, 1981, p.9 wrote, “of all means of self-ornamentation devised by the human race, none generates a more powerful atmosphere of mystery and magic than the ring.”

The ring, the symbol of love, power and authority, of unending eternity, always round like a circle to reveal return and renewal, precious to show appreciation and care, is worn on the fingers. They together with the hands are the most expressive part of the body, we touch with them, we write with our hands, we caress and wipe away the tear with them, and we hold the one we love with them. We use our hands to emphasize our speech, and when sometimes we have a statement to make beyond words, we even use them to slap another’s face. How important to have not just any ring but the one to reflect and highlight all of these multiple uses and roles.

Oliva fine jewelry - Floral diamond set

Many roles mean many rings with many styles, many sizes, and many designs. Like a dress maker and like a hair stylist, they bring out the best in you and let you share your inner self with the one you love.

It’s the ring for the finger that we have used since ancient times to make a life commitment, and we say, “I do,” with this jewel and not with any other.

Oliva understands and is an integral part of all of this phenomenon. Oliva with generations of experience can say that they unlock and discover the uniqueness of its clients. Clients that not only return themselves but whose daughters and friends join the fantastic list of satisfied customers from all over the globe. From celebrities, actresses and models to the discreet and unassuming woman who wants to be just herself, Oliva has always answered their longings and needs.

Oliva’s rings can be made in 18kt white, rose or yellow gold. They can come with a pure and straightforward solitaire diamond or in an array of extraordinary diamonds set with the skill known to only but a few. Oliva, in addition to making your ring just for you, has a collection of stunning rings. One thing is sure; whatever you choose, the result is always a mouth-watering piece that will turn the head of the one you want and remain as an heirloom.


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