Nature inspired Bangles and bracelets


The hand is the most revealing and significant part to understanding body language. We speak with them, we hold with them, we embrace and we reject with them. Dance movements would be devoid of meaning and many martial arts would be powerless without them. Since the ancient past until the modern day, they have been used for medicinal, religious and identification purposes and even to indicate marital status.

Like most important body parts, it has its corresponding jewel and the hands have been blessed with that enigmatic bracelet. Apart from the famous tennis bracelet, there are many imaginative and evocative design ideas for bracelets. The terms link and charm bracelets, as well as bangles, anklets, and armlets, are all well known. They accentuate and define the hands and connect them to the rest of the body, adding significance and purpose.

Allowing Oliva to design your bracelet with what you want to reveal and say is beyond just a dream-like wish but becomes a wardrobe necessity.  


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