About Oliva Fine Jewelry

Oliva Fine Jewelry more than just a famous name, first and foremost a family, a family of jewelers renowned for several generations as leading designers and artisans, steeped in the knowledge of diamonds, precious gemstones, and goldsmithing techniques, as well as understanding the needs and wishes of their loyal clientele. Each generation was learning from the previous and adding their acquired knowledge to the ensuing. It is no surprise therefore that the discerning woman, looking for a versatile piece of jewelry that says as much about her as the clothes she wears, will find in The House of Oliva, the answer to her dreams.
Their maxim “we wanted to create an aesthetically beautiful item of the highest quality and design concepts, market it throughout the world, and be proud of where it comes from and what it is.”
These are the words that sum up the Oliva story that started five generations ago in the Royal Houses of Europe as court jewelers. A tale that continued fifty years ago with the move to the heart of Israel's diamond center. A story that still unfolds today as one of the world brand leaders in jewelry. 
The amazing jewelry pieces from their collections are all conceptualized, designed, and manufactured in Israel enjoying the benefits of one of the largest selections of diamonds and precious stones found in the world while constantly maintaining the highest standards found in the industry. The secret behind the rise to fame is the thought and creativity that goes into the idea and development of new models, together with the enormous versatility involved in the actual production.
The beauty of diamonds is defined by the famous four c's, cut, carat, clarity, and color, well appreciated and understood by Oliva who once they employ both these diamond techniques and their unrivalled superior jewelry craftsmanship, a piece is created that is beyond compare in its originality and beauty, they call it "A Cut Above the Rest."
Oliva's strength is in the uniqueness of its designs and in the heart and soul of the family behind it. This is reflected in the production, the presentation, the service and the careful selection of the retailer who passes on the jewel to the eventual owner, instantly transforming it into a work of art the moment she puts it on. This is the jewel that Oliva is proud to market, the retailer proud to display, and the privileged woman proud to wear.
Oliva is an international business that produces unique jewelry for the most exclusive and renowned stores throughout the world, from Japan to California, and from Alaska to Australia.
Oliva Jewelry a name synonymous with elegance, fascination, and luxury

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