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Many years ago, there was an advertising campaign in essence for a van manufacturer that used the above title as a slogan.

This was at a time when words such as vision and perception were not part of business jargon. It was a time when business meant survival and marketing meant selling. Packaging was a brown bag in which to take your purchase home; advertising was printing your name in the local paper or putting a poster on a billboard. Display meant laying your goods out on a table, and after-sales service meant saying “watcha” when you met a previous client in the pub. A worker was someone who worked and went home and work meant something to dread on a Monday morning.

There was nothing wrong with that ‘coz that’s how business was in those days. But all that changed and you could either be ready for the change and move with the times or sell out and retire.

Nilly Gross, today at the helm of Oliva Fine jewelry, braved it and decided to make the change and move with the times. And that is the story of how Oliva Fine jewelry was born. It became a world-wide brand known for the highest quality jewellery with the most innovative and inspirational designs. A leader in the field that other players could only imitate. The retailer felt proud to display Oliva Fine jewelry on their custom-made display units. The satisfied woman customer felt her beauty and inner charm, enhanced by pieces that say as much about her as the clothes she wears. As much as you have never seen an unwashed Rolls Royce, so Nilly believes that an Oliva jewel deserves the same care and the most exclusive packaging, only she calls it home for a loved one. Oliva does not have past clients or old customers; it only has its family members. A family that shares the same DNA for love of quality and pure luxury, a family that feels closeness because they share a mutual love. A family that forgives because they understand the inner beauty of the soul within, a family that is proud to show their feelings and thoughts.

This is Nilly’s vision of Oliva Fine jewelry, a vision that she put into a firm of artisan jewellers to make them into a company that embodies vision and perception behind adorning feminism to its highest expression. A company where the workers no longer work but put their aspirations into the jewels they design and sculpt. A company that will not accept any diamond or precious stone that meets its path but one that is chosen with care and appreciation for nature’s mysteries. Work at Oliva Fine jewelry has changed from a Monday morning fear to excitement and expectation to share and love.

Oliva Fine jewelry Turns your dreams to jewels 

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