RVC401-18k Rose Gold Lucky Love Ring, Red Ruby

18k Rose Gold Lucky Love Ring, Flower red ruby engagement ring, Dainty Ruby Ring, july birthstone ring, graduation gift, valentine's day

This lovely clover ring is accentuated by the Red Ruby to silhouette the clover design further. This ring will make a high graduation, anniversary, wedding, or just as a gift!
Quatrefoil is the best known lucky charm and the most popular of all.
The Quatrefoil would have a symbolic and represents one of the theological virtues:

The first leaf is for hope; the second is for faith, the third is for charity, and the fourth leaf would be for luck.
By Anglo-Saxon people, each leaf would have another symbolic:
The first leaf is fame; the second leaf is wealth, the third leaf love and the fourth health.
Pure superstition or real lucky charm, the four-leaf clover is undoubtedly a rich and mysterious symbol.

--- Product description ---

💎 The Bandwidth is 2.00 mm.
💎 The head height is 1.60 mm.
💎 The head diameter is 9.40*9.40 mm.
💎 The head height is about 1.70 mm.
💎 Total Weight: 18k gold: 2.50 gram | 14k gold: 2.10 gram

This ring comes in various metals You can choose from:

Metal Purity:
💎 14k gold ring | 18k gold ring

Gold colors:
💎Rose gold
💎Yellow gold
💎 White gold

💎 Blue sapphire: 0.20 Carat: 
💎 Red Ruby: 0.20 Carat: 

💎 Like to have any other stones metal combination or ring size, please contact us we welcome custom orders


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