RNR18238-Rose gold Infinity diamond ring

Rose gold Infinity diamond ring, Double Diamond, Pave, Tear shape, Multistone cluster diamond ring, Knot Ring, Anniversary promise Ring

This unique 18k rose gold design by the inspiration of infinity love to express how special you are to each other, forever.

63 polished round brilliant cut diamonds give the dazzling ring sparkle that never goes out of style.

This multi-stone pave diamond ring the perfect way for celebrating an extraordinary occasion.


Each bandwidth is 1.00 mm at the thinnest point and 1.30 mm at the widest point.

The band height is 1.00 mm at the shortest point and 1.65 mm at the highest point.

Hole ring width is about 6.40 mm at the thinnest point and 12.00 at the widest point.

Each head diameter is about 5.30 mm.

Each head height is about 5.30 mm.


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